Vacation In Beautiful Destinations Where Hotels Can’t Be Built

With unique experiences in high demand, it’s no wonder people are increasingly looking for destinations in hard to reach or remote places. So how does a vacation experience truly lend itself to the modern day traveler who isn’t really looking to rough it?

Collective Retreats
Collective Retreats. Photo credit: @alannaweidner

Collective Retreats is providing unique, full-service lodging experiences in what feels like remote areas of the Hudson Valley, Yellowstone, Vail, Sonoma, and varying locations in the Hill Country.

Each location lends itself to a different type of traveler and no two locations are the same.

Just two hours north of New York City, Collective Hudson Valley sits on a organic dairy farm and equestrian center. While on location, you feel like you’re completely removed from the modern day world  with access to varying outdoor activities and historic sites; but in reality you’re just a short drive from the boutiques and design shops of Hudson.

So how exactly does it all work?

Each experience is completely unique to the location, so the accommodations and dining reflect that.

When you choose Collective Hudson Valley, you’re given access to luxury tents and Three Peaks Lodge, but what’s most impressive to us is the culinary piece.

Since this location is set on an organic farm, you get a prime pick of incredible organic produce. Collective Hudson Valley provides you complimentary breakfast and snacks throughout the day and even boasts a complimentary s’mores treat in the evening if you’re up to it (who wouldn’t be?)

So what does an experience like this set you back?

In 2017 the price for a beautiful Collective Hudson Valley experience, complete with lodging and dining, cost about $500 per night.

Not convinced? Take a stroll through Collective Retreats Instagram –

Sure, you could go backpack somewhere in South East Asia for experiences too, but for those in the United States this is an opportunity to stay in beautiful destinations that hotels can’t be built on; and quite frankly, we hope hotels never get built in these places.

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