Northern Winter Retreats

When the world turns cold, sometimes it’s just best to lean in and embrace it. Hot coco and a warm fire are always best when the chill settles all around. Take in these northern retreats and enjoy the cold.



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The Iditarod Dog Race calls adventurers far north for an intense show of sportsmanship and survival. Snow, moose, beers and some of the tougher elements of the north make Alaska a destination that isn’t for everyone. But you don’t have to rough it. Take a tour to see the awe-inspiring northern lights and take a look at the creations of world-champion ice carvers. You won’t even notice the cold.



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Like most far north retreats, Iceland is graced by the northern lights. But here, the spectacular sky-show happens between September and April. The biggest city, Reykjavik, is a bastion of the unique Icelandic culture and way of life. Bring life into the cold of winter with Dark Music Days and the winter lights festival. Sip on a beer paired with a hearty plate of food like nowhere else and watch Art in Life, the island’s way of making artwork that shines even in the darkest days.



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Bundle up– fjords are said to be the soul of Norway and you can’t come to this destination without seeing at least one. High cliffs overlook stunningly blue water and preserved natural wonders. And of course, if you’re out at night, you’re likely to see the northern lights. Foodies already know Norway as a hot destination for culinary innovation and there’s always something going in the big cities– from Christmas markets to biking tours and friendly stops with piping hot coffee.