Questions Jesse Galganov’s Disappearance Has Us Asking

Jesse Galganov is missing and the lack of details, although some are rather specific, have us asking a lot of questions about how everything unfolded.

First, let us be clear – Peru is not an unsafe place to visit. Jesse wasn’t asking for this by going on a backpacking adventure. In fact, to say Jesse was asking to be abducted is something only the sickest of minds can fathom. Peru is actually no more dangerous than any major city in the world. Don’t blanket this tragedy as an “over there” issue.

Current Facts:

  • 09/28/17: Security camera footage shows Jesse leaving the Cruz del Sur bus station at 6:19am, heading in the direction of Kame House Hostel. He arrived with the overnight bus group.Walking distance from bus station to Kame House Hostel
  • TV reports say Jesse sent a text to his mother somewhere around 7:00am
  • Management of the Kame House Hostel confirms Jesse booked and paid for his hostel stay
    • According to Hostel World Kame House doesn’t take cards and you pay upon arrival by cash
  • The primary manager wasn’t working the night Jesse was to have checked in, but left a “volunteer” in charge
  • Volunteer said Jesse didn’t check in
  • One report said one of Jesse’s friends received a Snapchat from Jesse while at the Kame House Hostel
  • Social media confirms primary managers statement of not working that night ads up
  • This route is popular for “touts” – individuals who try and get you to change your travel plans for “better” and “cheaper” options. If you’ve traveled to any popular tourist destination, you know “touts” by plenty of other names. Consider them as ticket scalpers who have “deals” on tickets for individuals and groups
  • Jesse was supposed to begin his 4 day hike in the Huascaran National Park on September 29, returning to cell phone service on October 2
  • According to cell phone data released, Jesse’s phone pinged a tower in Lima on September 29, which is a 7 hour bus ride away from Huaraz
  • Alisa, Jesse’s mother, helped him plan for this trip in extended detail – all the way down to how much each item in his bag should weigh

The Questions:

Although our list of facts are small, there seems to be many loopholes in this story. Things just don’t add up.

  1. Who is the volunteer that was left in charge of the hostel?
  2. If the friend received a Snapchat from Jesse from inside the hostel, wouldn’t that negate the volunteer’s statement about Jesse not having checked in? Also noting the cash only payment upon arrival as listed on Hostel World
  3. Would our timeline be off by 1 day if the hiking drip was 4 days and Jesse arrived at 6:19am in Huaraz? Could he have taken an earlier trip if approached by a convincing “tout.” This would have Jesse potentially returning on October 1 instead of October 2. However, If Alisa helped Jesse plan for this trip, then he would have read about the history of “touts” in mass at the Cruz del Sur bus station in Huaraz and avoided them
  4. Do we know how cell towers work? Could the cell tower in Lima (where Jesse most likely had service before his overnight bus ride to Huaraz) been the last place he had his phone in airplane mode; causing it to go off if he took his phone off airplane mode on September 29?
  5. Will Apple release his Apple ID and password? Privacy laws in this area are murky, and Apple doesn’t want to encourage giving out Apple IDs and passwords for obvious reasons. But in this case, it could lead finding a missing person
  6. If this was a kidnapping, what was the motivation? It has been reported that officials working on the case believe Jesse Galganov was kidnapped but as of yet, there has been no reports of a ransom request

Do you have questions to add to this list? Let us know.

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