The Micro-cation Is a Thing, and Here’s How (and Where) to Do It

By Paige Totaro

Americans do vacations differently than just about anyone else in the world. While Europeans get a minimum of four weeks of paid vacation each year, Americans get, on average, a total of 16 paid holidays. And one in four Americans doesn’t even have a single day off.

We’ve gotten creative with our vacation time– including the newest trend: the micro-cation.

What’s a micro-cation?

A micro-cation is a 3 or 4 night trip that gets you out of your routine just long enough to reset your mojo without disrupting your work week.

The best micro-cations give you a maximum change of scenery in a minimal amount of time. 

Getaway House

Adding the tiny house trend to the micro-cation trend, Getaway House provides a quick and easy respite from the city. Located within 2 hours of eight major cities, Getaway House offers sleek modern tiny houses in the country equipped with comfy beds, bathrooms, and just about anything you would need to leave straight from work and into the wilderness.

Quebec City

If you want to go to Europe but you just don’t have the time or the money, a trip to Quebec City might do the trick. Perched above the Saint Lawrence River, the historic city has cobblestone streets and sweet boutiques. And all the Canadiens speaking Français will make you forget you only spent a 90 minute flight from Toronto to get here. Trés charmant!

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico doesn’t require a passport or a currency exchange, but it feels a lot further away than the under-four-hour flight from the East Coast.

“You can veg out at any of the major resorts or you can be adventurous, rent a car and explore the island. Puerto Rico is only 110 miles long and 35 miles wide. Hike the rainforest, kayak along a bioluminescent bay, or indulge in savory roasted pork deep in the mountains of the island,” says Jessica van Dop DeJesus, author of “The Dining Traveler Guide to Puerto Rico.” With most resorts reopened after Hurricane Maria, now is a great time to go.

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