Nebraska’s Off-beat Wonders: From the World’s Largest Ball of Stamps to Carhenge



Whether you’re on a road trip passing through or spending a bit of time exploring Nebraska, you must take a moment to check out the fun and quirky attractions throughout the state. From roadside gems to remarkable geological formations, the state is home to weird (and wonderful) destinations you have to see to believe.

Carhenge (Alliance)

Carhenge in Alliance Nebraska. Photo Credit: Tim Vrtiska.

Everyone’s heard about Stonehenge, but what about Carhenge? Just north of Alliance, off Highway 87, there’s a public art installation of vintage cars positioned to replicate the iconic structure. It’s made up of 39 vehicles and matches the exact proportions of the actual site in England. Don’t worry if you’ll pass by late at night because Carhenge is open all day. Believe it or not, the site pulls in 100,000 visitors each year.

The World’s Largest Ball of Stamps (Boys Town)

The World’s Largest Ball of Stamps in Omaha, Nebraska. Photo Credit: j__rho

When it comes to the quirkiest roadside attractions, the world’s largest ball of stamps might take the cake! In the Boys Town Stamp Center on the west side of Omaha, you can gawk at the perfect sphere of 4,655,000 canceled stamps. A single stamp is as light as a feather, but this conglomeration weighs over 600 pounds. So, if you love stamps or seeing the world’s largest objects, put this on your list.

Chimney Rock National Historic Site (Bayard)

Chimney Rock National Historic Site in Bayard, Nebraska.

History buffs will want to stop at the Chimney Rock National Historic Site. Back in the day, when pioneers trekked along the Oregon Trail, Chimney Rock became a significant landmark. Travelers welcomed the sight of the towering geological formation (which looks like a twisted chimney), knowing they were making progress in their journey. At the museum in the visitor center, you’ll get a firsthand look at what traveling the Oregon Trail in the 19th century would have been like and learn exciting facts about the region.

Toadstool Geologic Park (Crawford)

Rock formations in Toadstool Geological Park in Crawford, Nebraska.

Get out into nature at Toadstool Geological Park. It’s part of the Oglala National Grasslands, where unique rock formations are shaped like toadstools (poisonous mushrooms)–hence the name. Over at the campground, a trailhead gives you access to three hiking loops, ranging from one mile to five miles. As you walk, watch for fossils that date back 30 million years.

Klown Doll Museum (Plainview)

Outside of the Plainview Klown Doll Museum. Photo Credit: Ali Eminov.

If you’re afraid of clowns, skip to the next attraction. Off Highway 20 in Plainview, you’ll find the quirky (and possibly terrifying) Klown Doll Museum. Inside are well over a thousand clown dolls with vastly different styles – all made by hand. The museum is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and admission is free! Then, on the first Saturday of June, you can join Planview’s Annual Klown Festival, where you’ll find barbecue, games, fireworks, and more.

Harold Warp’s Pioneer Village (Minden)

Harold Warp’s Pioneer Village in Minden, Nebraska. Photo Credit: Shelby L. Bell.

Harold Warp’s Pioneer Village is a living history museum showing the progress made to the area between the 1830s and 1980s. The village boasts 50,000 items, inventions and artifacts, from historic barns to antique cars and even a steam carousel.

The World’s Largest Time Capsule (Seward)

The World’s Largest Time Capsule in Seward, Nebraska. Photo Credit: Isommerer via Creative Commons.

Harold Keith Davisson didn’t want his grandchildren to grow up without knowing his life. His solution? Building the world’s largest time capsule. The subterranean time capsule he made was challenged as not actually being the world’s largest, so he built a second one on top of it in the shape of a pyramid. Inside are 5,000 items, including a Chevy Vega, telephone books, and other knickknacks. Folks interested in whats inside can attend the opening ceremony, which is planned for July 4, 2025.

Agate Fossil Beds National Monument (Harrison)

Dinosaur skeletons in the visitor center of Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, Nebraska, USA. Photo Credit: Traveller70 /

In Harrison, scientists uncovered pristine skeletons of mammals from 20 million years ago in the early 1900s. Some of the animals included gazelle-camels, modern beavers, ancestors to the modern horse, and other fascinating creatures that were long extinct. Visitors can see dioramas of these animals at the visitor’s center, from the massive scavenging pig known as the Dinohyus and the ferocious Beardogs.

Lee’s Legendary Marbles & Collectables (York)

A jar of marbles spilling on the ground.

Marbles used to be a unique commodity back in the day, and Lee’s Legendary Marbles & Collectables is the perfect place to see a stunning collection of them. In fact, it’s the world’s most extensive marble collection! The museum is jampacked with colorful marbles of all sizes, and the owner is more than happy to walk you through it all. You’ll find other unique items like vintage lunchboxes, coins, and board games. And, of course, you can’t stop at this roadside attraction without leaving with a marble souvenir!

Bigfoot Crossroads of America Museum (Hastings)

A Bigfoot Crossing sign.

Folks have been hunting for Bigfoot for decades, and in Nebraska, the Bigfoot Crossroads of America Museum will make you a believer! Opened in 2018 by Harriett McFeely, aka the Bigfoot Lady, the museum features a large collection of evidence that proves Bigfoot’s existence (or so she claims). You’ll marvel at leftover meals on display and large footprint molds. One visit here, and you may never go on a walk in the woods again!

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