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Meet My Abuela

Abuela Knows Best (Episode 101)

In the series premiere, Alyssa tells her boyfriend, Kano, that for their relationship to continue, he must win over her Abuela, Maria, and pass the infamous “evil eye” test.

Abuela’s Family Values (Episode 102)

Alexia and her non-Spanish speaking fiancé, Michael, find themselves vying for the blessing of Mercedes, Alexia’s traditional Abuela, who cherishes her family’s Cuban heritage above all else.

Abuela on the Dance Floor (Episode 103)

Claudia and Daniel hope a night out on the town salsa dancing will convince Floriana, Claudia’s 91-year-old Abuela, that they’ve found true love.

The Fast and the Abuela (Episode 104)

Aliyah invites her tough-as-nails Abuela, Nereida, on a go-kart date with her secret boyfriend, Devon, to show her they’re the perfect match.

Call of the Abuela (Episode 105)

Seeking the approval of his Abuela, Joanne, Ruben invites his girlfriend, McKenzie, to a day at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Will Joanne give her blessing, or will their relationship fail to launch?

The Abuela Test for Leaving the Nest (Episode 106)

Still studying in college, Andrea attempts to convince Maria, her traditional Puerto Rican Abuela, that it’s the right time to move in with her boyfriend, Darence.

If Abuela Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy (Episode 107)

Jose must persuade his adopted Abuela, Denise, that his girlfriend, Tamara, is the right one for him – there’s just one catch, she’s not Latin.

The Abuela Trap (Episode 108)

Determined to convince the father of her child, Caleb, that it’s time to tie the knot, Jackie reaches out to her Abuela, Mireya, for help.