You Aren’t Ready for These Weird (and Wonderful) Austin Attractions!



With eclectic museums, unique gardens, and funky local art, it’s no wonder why Austin, Texas, is known for being “weird” (in the best way possible!). If you’re looking for some quirky things to do, add these offbeat attractions to your Austin itinerary.

Cathedral of Junk

One man’s trash becomes another man’s treasure—or, in this case, a cathedral. Made entirely of discarded items like dolls, street signs, tires, and building materials, this backyard art exhibit is a living sculpture that is always changing. The creator, Vince, continuously adds and removes elements – you might even catch him pouring concrete or shaping new metal pieces while you’re here!

Museum of the Weird

The Museum of the Weird lives up to its name, showcasing bizarre artifacts from around the world. Located in downtown Austin, this three-story museum features spooky exhibits on UFOs, Bigfoot, and ghost legends, along with taxidermy oddities like two-headed animals and sci-fi movie memorabilia. Not to mention, Johnny Depp once lived in one of the rooms within this building when filming What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

Peter Pan Mini Golf

Fans of Peter Pan cannot miss this retro mini-golf course, an Austin staple since 1948. Choose from two 18-hole courses – one a little easier, one more challenging – which boast whimsical statues like teapots, castles, clown heads, and a giant T-rex. Enjoy a snow cone and relive childhood fun at this old-school venue. For an extra good time – BYOB (adults only)!

Uncommon Objects

Uncommon Objects feels more like a museum than an antique store. As you explore this expansive shop, you’ll notice that every nook and cranny is packed haphazardly with knick-knacks like pocket knives, hats, vases, and glassware. From mismatched wooden furniture and old books to costume jewelry and taxidermy, this is a treasure trove for those who love one-of-a-kind vintage finds.

Texas Toy Museum

This hidden gem is a paradise for toy enthusiasts, showcasing countless toys from the ’80s and ’90s. Sign up for the scavenger hunt to spot different toys around the museum, plus Waldo from the children’s series Where’s Waldo? After exploring the museum, grab a craft beer from the bar, then stop by the arcade and play a round of pinball or Donkey Kong – games are free with the price of admission!

Austin Rock & Roll Car Museum

This small museum is a must-visit if you love classic cars and rock & roll! Open on the first and third Saturday of each month, it features a private collection of unique vehicles, including the original Ghostbusters car—a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor from Universal Studios. In this warehouse-style space, you’ll also find colorful motorcycles, guitars, and other music memorabilia.

The Dinosaur Park

Experience a blast from the prehistoric past at The Dinosaur Park, home to dozens of life-size dinosaur statues along a wooded path. Whether you’re looking at the two-foot Compsognathus or the 123-foot Diplodocus, the longest dinosaur ever, you’ll definitely want your camera handy to capture these Jurassic-sized beasts. Along the trails, you’ll also find a few playgrounds, picnic areas, and even a fossil digging area.

Zilker Botanical Garden’s Prehistoric Garden

Learn more about what the earth was like millions of years ago at the Hartman Prehistoric Garden within the Zilker Botanical Garden. This 1.5-acre area showcases plants with ancient lineages, including ferns, palms, and cycads, which likely existed alongside the dinosaurs. Walk along this garden’s trail and enjoy the lush plant life, trickling streams, large waterfall, and bronze dinosaur statue. Keep an eye out for dino footprints along the way!

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