Vacation Spots That Are Overhyped


Have you ever been talked into taking a trip with friends and family that was supposed to be some epic vacation to remember?

The memories are beginning to flood back: dinner conversations about [insert destination,] trip planning, falling prey to someones annoying detailed itinerary that ultimately served no purpose other than to make you lose your marbles.

All the conversations and all the planning happen. The day arrives for your epic trip. You get there, and it’s the most underwhelming thing in the world. So underwhelming you would have rather have scrolled through a few Instagram posts about and saved your time and money for a better trip.

Here are some underwhelming examples, as told by you.

Plymouth Rock:


The French Quarter

Panama City Beach

Mount Rushmore

The Jersey Shore

Don’t Be This Guy

Believe us when we say there are PLENTY of trips worth taking. Just do your research, and don’t listen to people who love eating at big restaurant chains – my opinion is they don’t know how to travel.

You know who you are.

*Arrives at Destination* UGH I want McDonalds.

Seriously? You’re in a new country.


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