This Cold Brew Coffee Brand is Lifting Spirits by Giving Out Canned Coffee

There’s nothing quite like a good cup of coffee, especially during these strange times. Florida-based Made Coffee knew it could lift spirits and help out those working hardest right now. The specialty cold brew coffee brand jumped into action, giving away over 4,000 cases of cold brew to first responders, hospital staff and healthcare workers in St. Petersburg, Florida. The free caffeine boost is their way of shining a little light during all of this Coronavirus madness.

Raise a coffee mug for those working on the front line, keeping us going through this crisis. Along with providing a “can of Joe” for St. Petersburg’s health care workers, Made Coffee is selling a special “Boost Box” online. The box provides 10 cans at cost– no mark-up, just refreshing cold brew coffee to keep you fueled up from home.

We might not be able to gather over a cup of coffee right now, but we salute Made Coffee for helping out their community, one can of cold brew at a time.