Get Your Galentine’s Day On

Galentine’s day is your day to say, to hell with men, to hell with stereotypical romance and to hell with all of the negativity wrapped up in modern relationships. Who needs to celebrate fleeting love when the rock in our lives is our closest friends– the girlfriends we call when we’re pissed, happy or just bored. Celebrate your posse. You wouldn’t be who you are without them.



Hiking with your girlfriends is the perfect conduit for support and love. Push each other to finish the hike and revel together in the beauty of nature.

Swamp Canyon Trail, located in Bryce National Park, is gorgeous in the winter with deep red canyons, white snow and open blue skies. Marble Falls is also a prime trail in the winter. Winding through the Sequoia National Park, wildflowers bloom in the late winter months and the sequoia trees are breathtaking any time of year.



Everyone loves a good mimosa and sleeping in– so brunch is just about the perfect meal. Gather up your gals and indulge in a delicious brunch.

Visit Silo in Nashville, Tennessee for seasonally sourced food and a robust wine and handcrafted cocktail menu. Arnaud’s in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana is a classic, high-end dining experience with food, history, and mimosas to back it up. For a trendy meal in a classic American city, head to Lula Café in Chicago, Illinois.


Tampa Theatre
By Ebyabe

Whether your group of girlfriends is into chick flicks, horror movies, artsy indie films or the big Hollywood blockbusters, it’s a given that you all love popcorn, soda and the chance to hash and rehash the plotline (and bicker over who’s the hottest movie star).

Head to the Tampa Theatre in Tampa, Florida for beautiful Mediterranean décor and a classic 1920s feel. The Senator Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland embodies the classic theatre feel with art deco touches. The Castro Theatre in San Francisco, California is a treat with a façade inspired by Mexican cathedrals and a grand mezzanine decorated with large mirrors framed in gold and a collection of rare film posters.

Dance the Night Away

Getting down with your group of girls is just about the best way to spend a night out. Your girlfriends have your back and you can dance your heart out– no judgment.

U Street Music Hall in Washington, D.C. is made for dancing. It’s a no-frills club with plenty of floor space and good DJs. You can’t ask for much more. For your classic basement dance club, head to Spybar in Chicago, Illinois. If you’re looking for something a little more high-end, try XS in Las Vegas, Nevada, just don’t expect this flashy club to be cheap.

Do Absolutely Nothing

Honestly, the best part about having a posse of gal-pals is being able to do nothing at all with them and still have a great time. There is some scientific research to explain why doing something ordinary is just as fun (if not better) than doing something extraordinary. So go ahead and plan to do a whole lot of nothing with your best friends.

The best place to do nothing is at one of your friend’s homes, but if you want to meet up somewhere chill, try Rev Coffee in Atlanta, Georgia or Spike’s Coffee & Tea in San Francisco, California. For laid-back comfort food, meet up at Kuzzo’s Chicken & Waffles in Detroit, Michigan or Camp Washington Chili in Cincinnati, Ohio.