Rapper Lou Charles hooks up with Houston’s Patric Johnston, a singer and keyboardist who performs folksy covers of hip hop classics. In Lubbock, Summer Dean records an original song at the legendary recording studio of country western producer Don Caldwell. In San Antonio, Phanie Diaz learns about the multicultural history of the accordion aka Texas squeezebox. 

Other Episodes

Amplify Texas: Discovering Home (Episode 201)

“Outlaw country” singer/songwriter Summer Dean visits her college stomping grounds of Lubbock, Texas, and discovers that the city offers a lot more music history than the beloved Buddy Holly. In San Antonio, punk rock drummer Phanie Diaz checks out public art projecting over 300 years of history on the...

Amplify Texas: History Inspires (Episode 203)

In San Antonio, Phanie Diaz gets a lesson in the bajo sexto, a 12-stringed guitar featured prominently in conjunto band Los Texmaniacs. At Houston’s independent record shop, Vinal Edge, Lou Charles meets owner Chuck Roast, whose extensive interests range from Chopped and Screwed to Indonesion music. In Lubbock, Summer...

Amplify Texas: The Scene (Episode 204)

Outlaw country musician Summer Dean jams with Nathen Rogers and his band, La Croix Boix, in Lubbock. In Houston, rapper Lou Charles gets a tour of America’s longest-running record studio, Sugarhill Recording Studio, home to Lil Wayne, Beyonce, and Willie Nelson. Phanie Diaz’s punk band plays alongside the accordion-powered...

Amplify Rogers: The Road to Nashville and Beyond (Episode 104)

Amplify - The Road to Nashville and Beyond From tragedy comes therapy through music leading to the discovery of passion for one artist.  Meanwhile, Sierra and Caleb prep for an important live show while Kenny and Barrett head to Nashville to record a new song.

Amplify Rogers: Discovering the Passion (Episode 102)

Amplify - Discovering the Passion Alt rocker Caleb Enyart builds a new band filled with grunge-inspired vocals and power chords. Sierra Carson meets with a brand guru and graphic designer to build a website and flyers to promote her next gig. Meanwhile, hometown hero Barrett Baber finds success on the...

Amplify Rogers: Leap of Faith (Episode 103)

Barrett reveals his journey as he became Blake Shelton’s pick on  The Voice. Caleb explores how the landscape has shaped his music and plans for the future. Sierra continues to build on her brand and confidence.

Amplify Rogers: Going Home (Episode 101)

Country music producer Kenny Lamb challenges two inspiring musicians to ambitiously own their future by bringing them out on stage at the Walmart AMP theater in Rogers, Arkansas. Will folksy singer/songwriter Sierra Carson and alt rocker Caleb Enyart be able to take their careers to the next level?