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Season Two

Please, Call Me Chief (Episode 201)

Season Premiere. With the help of friends old and new, bartender Jared Penrose embarks on a new adventure to fulfill his dream of owning his own food truck.  After encouraging his girlfriend Shevonne to pursue her music career, Jared finds an unexpected surprise waiting for him at home.

Fishing is Not About Catching Fish (Episode 202)

Sully treats everyone to a fun day on the water where he opens up to Jared about his marriage and announces a surprising career decision. During a night of celebrating, Naomi makes a shocking discovery.

No Spiders This Time (Episode 203)

Jared, Sully and Josh agree to go into business together and become the proud owners of a secondhand food truck. Naomi shares her broken heart with Iris who agrees to hire her at the coffee shop.

Starry Night on Rye (Episode 204)

Seeing that Jared is feeling disconnected from his friends, Iris invites everyone to participate in a madcap adventure full of mystery. Sully and Josh introduce Jared to their new signature sandwich. The guys face a tragic setback in the light of day.

Staying at My Mom’s Tonight (Episode 205)

Jared and Sully take the truck out for a precarious test drive. Josh surprises everyone with an out-of-this-world design for the food truck. Jared’s jealousy over a blossoming friendship becomes the final straw for the household.

You Know What 10 Bad Reviews Will Do? (Episode 206)

The guys officially take The Grouper out on the road and become an immediate hit.  It’s a race against time as unforeseen events challenge Jared to make it to Shevonne’s big concert.

 I Know What It Is… I Want to Know WHAT It Is (Episode 207)

As Jared tries to cope with Shevonne being gone, the group goes on a camping trip filled with kayaking, campfire stories and an intergalactic mission. Naomi helps for the first time with the food truck.

Not Sure I Want to Know the Rest of That Story (Episode 208)

Season Finale. The fate of the food truck is in question as everyone weighs big life decisions during the holidays. A rave review from a local food critic sets the stage for The Grouper to cater a big New Year’s Eve bash where Jared has a life-changing reunion.